I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of winter. It’s dark, cold, and in Maine, the weather is extremely unpredictable. However, I am a fan of winter-themed picture books. The selection is endless and I love taking a break from the winter chaos to enjoy a story together. I shared some of my favorite titles last year but there are so many out there that I have to share more! Here is another list of five must-have read alouds for January!

5 must-have January read alouds image of Samson in the Snow

Samson in the Snow

One day, Samson, a large and friendly woolly mammoth, meets a little red bird. The little red bird is looking for some yellow flowers for her mouse friend. Mouse’s favorite color is yellow and he’s having a bad day. Samson falls asleep that night wondering what it would feel like to have a friend. When he wakes up the world is covered in snow. Will Samson, the mouse, and the little red bird ever cross paths again?

5 must-have January read alouds image of Martin's Big Words

Martin’s Big Words

 In this picture-book biography, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “big words” are woven together with beautiful illustrations to tell the story of a man, his movement, and policy of non-violence.

5 must-have January read alouds image of Blizzard


On Monday, February 6, 1978, a blizzard hit New England and covered parts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut in over forty inches of snow. John Rocco tells the story of his experience during this storm and how he became a hero in his neighborhood.

5 must-have January read alouds image of Small Walt

Small Walt

Walt the snowplow and his driver, Gus, head out to tackle a blizzard. The bigger snowplows doubt Walt’s ability to clear the roads. Will they be right or will Walt prove them wrong?

5 must-have January read alouds image of The Wish Tree

The Wish Tree

Despite his brother and sister telling him they aren’t real, Charles and his trusty friend, Boggan, set out to find a wish tree. Along the way, Charles and Boggan learn that wishes can come true in unexpected ways.

Hopefully, you found some new read alouds to share with your tiny humans this month. If you’re looking for more picture books, check out this post I wrote with five more must-have read alouds for January!

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