October is such a fun month! Despite the fact that I’m not a fan of fall, I love October. It’s my birthday month and I like to celebrate all month long! October is also a fun month for picture books! Once again, it was hard to narrow down my list of favorites to just a few but I did it! Here are five must-have October read alouds!

5 Must-Have October Read Alouds image of I Need My Monster book cover

I Need My Monster

When Ethan’s monster, Gabe, goes fishing for a week, he isn’t sure how he’s going to go to sleep. He interviews some potential substitutes but none of them have the qualities Ethan is looking for. Will Ethan do?!

5 Must-Have October Read Alouds image of Bonaparte Falls Apart cover

Bonaparte Falls Apart

Bonaparte is having a hard time hanging out with his friends. He keeps falling apart! His friends Franky Stein, Blacky Widow, and Mummicula all have some ideas to help Bonaparte keep it together. How will they help him get ready for the first day of school?

5 Must-Have October Read Alouds image of Stumpkin book cover


Stumpkin is PERFECT! He’s as orange as a traffic cone and twice as round as a basketball. He’d make the perfect jack-o-lantern on Halloween. There’s one problem though…he has a stump, not a stem. Who wants a stemless jack-o-lantern? As Halloween night approaches, he begins to wonder if anyone will give him a chance.

5 Must-Have October Read Alouds image of Crankenstein book cover


He may look like an ordinary boy but when he’s out of syrup for his pancakes, stuck in the rain, or has to go to bed early, he turns into a Crankenstein! When he meets a fellow Crankenstein, will it be a disaster or will it brighten his day?

5 Must-Have October Read Alouds image of Creepy Carrots cover

Creepy Carrots

Jasper Rabbit LOVES the carrots from Crackenhopper Field. He eats them on his way to school, on his way to Little League, and he eats them on his way home. What happens when the carrots from Crackenhopper Field start following him?

I hope you’re able to enjoy a title or two from this list with your students this month!

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