Hi, my name is Chelsea and I’m addicted to Amazon. My mailman calls himself Amazon Don because of all the Amazon packages he delivers to me. I do order a lot of things but in my defense, I also return a lot of things. I have to drop off the returns at the post office so he only sees the deliveries. 

In all seriousness, those prime deliveries have saved me more times than I can count so I compiled a list of my favorite items from Amazon Don. I have 7 classroom must-haves from Amazon to share with you today!

fiskars paper cutter 7 Classroom Must-Haves from Amazon

Paper Cutter

This is my absolute favorite paper cutter. I know some people love those big guillotine cutters but THIS is where it’s at. I actually love it so much that I bought another one to keep at home.

akro-mils teacher toolbox 7 Classroom Must-Haves from Amazon

Teacher Toolbox

Want to know a secret? I swore I’d never have a teacher toolbox. I never understood why people didn’t just use their desk drawer…until I tried to just use my desk drawer. I will never go without a toolbox again. I also created toolbox labels that I have in my TpT store.

x-acto pencil sharpener 7 Classroom Must-Haves from Amazon

Pencil Sharpener

Every teacher needs a good pencil sharpener that they keep plugged in behind their desk and never let anyone touch. THIS is that pencil sharpener. 

Image of a cordless glue gun for 7 Classroom Must-Haves from Amazon

Cordless Glue Gun

Does this even need an explanation? It’s a CORDLESS glue gun and it’s pure magic.

black wireless doorbell for 7 Classroom Must-Haves from Amazon blog post

Wireless Doorbell

I don’t know who came up with the idea to use a wireless doorbell as an attention-getter but I would really like to find them and give them a great big hug. This is the doorbell I have in my classroom. There are a bunch of different sounds and you can adjust the volume. I keep the remote attached to my lanyard and my tiny humans know that they have to FREEZE the second they hear the doorbell. 

magnet tape 7 Classroom Must-Haves from Amazon

Magnet Tape

This is another magical item that I will NEVER not have in my classroom. It’s so easy to hang and move things on my boards now that I can turn anything into a magnet.

scotch laminator 7 Classroom Must-Haves from Amazon

Personal Laminator

I will never be able to live without a personal laminator. I’ve always worked in schools that have a laminator in the teacher’s room but sometimes there are things that need more protection than the thin 1mil plastic can offer. I actually own two of these. One lives in my classroom and the other one stays at my house. 

If you’re looking for more of my favorite Amazon items, you can check out my Amazon storefront! I’m always updating it with new must-haves.