It’s hard to believe that summer is ending and we’re getting ready to begin a new school year. I know that not everyone chooses to give gifts to their students and that’s okay! I do so I wanted to share 7 easy and inexpensive back-to-school gifts that my tiny humans have LOVED in previous years.

7 Easy and Inexpensive Back-to-School Gifts post image of a container of playdoh and a tag that says we're going to have a doughtlightful school year

Playdoh – Kids LOVE playdoh. You can buy it just about anywhere but I prefer to buy it on Amazon. It’s usually a little less expensive than buying in-store and it gets delivered right to my doorstep! I like to leave the little container on student desks on the first day. It gives them something to do while I’m collecting paperwork, sorting supplies, and helping friends settle in. 

Bubbles – These are a fun and inexpensive gift that every tiny human LOVES! I typically get packs at Dollar Tree. Sometimes they come in sets of three and sometimes they’re in sets of four. Walmart and Michael’s both sell bubble wands and I’ve recently seen some in the dollar spot at Target!

7 Easy and Inexpensive Back-to-School Gifts image of pencils with a tag that says let's start the year off write

Pencils – I like to start out the year just WRITE by giving my tiny humans a couple of pencils. We usually don’t get into passing out supplies until later in the day so this is a good way to ensure that they have something to write with until then.

Stress Ball – These are a great long-lasting gift. They come in all shapes and sizes and the tiny humans can keep them in their desks during the school year.

7 Easy and Inexpensive Back-to-School Gifts post image of sunglasses with a tag that says let's have a bright school year

Sunglasses – I’ve used these as end-of-the-year gifts too but they’re great for the beginning of the year too. I attach a fun little gift tag but they usually have it ripped off in time to wear the sunglasses to recess.

Gel Pens – If you’re a 90’s kid, I’m sure you remember those Gelly Roll gel pens. I don’t know about you but I had a very LARGE collection of them. I secretly love that kids still think gel pens are cool. Just add a cute gift tag and you have a first-day gift that your students will LOVE!

7 Easy and Inexpensive Back-to-School Gifts image of goldfish and a tag that says you're ofishally a third grader

Goldfish Crackers – Snacks. Everyone loves snacks. I’ve never met a tiny human (or a human in general…) who doesn’t like goldfish. They’re an easy, inexpensive gift and the perfect after-school snack!

If you’re in need of a tag for any of the suggestions above, you’re in luck! I have a set of Back to School Gift Tags available in my TeachersPayTeachers store. Each ready-to-print tag comes in color as well as a black and white version. There’s a tag for each of the gifts I suggested above and more!